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Brief specification of LED Bulb: (View more info pls click the model number to our Alibaba website)

Model Voltage Rated Power LED Type  Base Lumens  Ra lifetime Product Size (mm)
A50-5W-PA-04 AC160-260V 5W SMD  E27 505lm 80 20000 hrs Φ50*91
A60-7W-PA-04 AC160-260V 7W SMD  E27 655lm 80 20000 hrs Φ60*110
A65-9W-PA-04 AC160-260V    9W SMD  E27 903lm 80 20000 hrs Φ65*118
A70-11W-PA-04 AC160-260V   11W SMD  E27 1055lm 80 20000 hrs Φ70*123